Training for life

The ex-soccer pro’s foundation, the Christoph Metzelder Stiftung, accompanies children during their personal and educational development. It makes sure they receive equal opportunities and a level playing field to start their professional lives. Besides fighting against children’s poverty, its focus lies on the promotion of projects in the areas of education, training and migration. In all areas of promotion, the individual development of young people is at the center of its work.

Christoph Metzelder Stiftung
Christoph Metzelder Stiftung

Our services

  • Classic media work and public relations
  • Text production: media info
  • Press support photo book called "Aller Anfang" (Every new start)
  • Organisation of press conferences, farewell p.c. Metzelder
  • Management of press invitations for sports and consumer media
  • Acquisition of cooperation partners
  • Press work: Golf Charity Cup and Gambler's Night
Christoph Metzelder Stiftung
Christoph Metzelder Stiftung

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