#6 Photo Popup Fair

The sixth edition of the trade fair for contemporary photography, the PHOTO POPUP FAIR, will start in November at stilwerk Düsseldorf. On 2000 sqm, photographers and photo artists of national and international stature will show their works.

Photo POPUP FAIR has developed a new, eye-catching format in order to increase the visibility of the trade fair for contemporary photography and thus to integrate more art awareness into Düsseldorf city events: the live catwalk of the contemporary photography.

"It is incredibly important to make high-quality art events in Düsseldorf also experienceable live in the city and to pick up the Düsseldorfers in a targeted manner. Düsseldorf as an art and media city is absolutely predestined for this, especially with its most exposed and internationally known street, the Königsallee," says Wolfgang Sohn, Creative Director & Founder of PHOTO POPUP FAIR.

For the first time on Wednesday afternoon, around 10 exhibits by the exhibiting PPUF artists and photographers from the partner hotel "me and all Hotels" were symbolically brought across the Königsallee to the venue, the stilwerk Düsseldorf. The exhibits were carried by 10 models, the agency Kelly Faces, with white gloves and in classic catwalk style across the Königsallee. The hashtags on the white shirts invited passers-by to capture the artistic event photographically and share it with #photopopupfair or #koenigsallee on social media. The Walking Gallery is to be repeated in November during the #6 PHOTO POPUP FAIR with the works of other artists and photographers.

Fotocredit: Peter Odefey

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