A stay with a woof factor: Hotel Indigo now offers 4-star service for dogs

Travelling - whether for business or pleasure - often this confronts dog owners with a lot of difficulties. The Boutique Hotel Indigo in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort wants to change this: From now on, not only the guests will enjoy the comfortable hotel service, but also their dogs travelling along with them. The 4-star service for four-legged friends includes food bowls, exclusive beds and blankets from the Bielefeld brand Hunter and treats freshly baked by a member of the hotel staff, which are left in the room as a welcome gift. A dog sitter and walk service take care of owners who want to be out and about in Düsseldorf without their dog. Special rooms have been selected for accommodation that are particularly spacious and make it comfortable for pets to live together in the hotel - however, allergy-friendly rooms are still predominantly available for allergy sufferers. The four-legged travel companions are also allowed to join their owners on the terrace of the hotel's own restaurant [a]dress kitchen & bar. Both the terrace and the restaurant are so generously designed that guests without dogs can also stay undisturbed in the hotel.

"Many dog owners want to spend their holidays together with their four-legged friends and do not want to leave their beloved pet with relatives or friends. We are very happy to offer our guests a holiday stay together with their animals and cater to the needs of both the animals and their owners in the best possible way. We always wanted to offer a special dog service for a very long time and are more pleased to announce that dogs are now expressly welcome at our hotel," says hotel director Katja Schnabel.

Katja Schnabel, General Manager Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf-Victoriaplatz | © Arianne Happekotte

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