Skin Food Oasis in the heart of the Elbe metropolis: Tina Müller, CEO of Weleda, hosted an exclusive lunch experience at the iconic Curio House yesterday lunchtime to mark the launch of the new Skin Food facial care range, consisting of Skin Food Nourishing Day Care and Nourishing Night Care. The event offered around 75 guests a multi-sensory journey through the plant world of Skin Food and provided a first-hand insight into the holistic naturalness of the certified natural cosmetics brand Weleda. Singer Mandy Capristo, content creator Leonie Basler and designer Sue Giers were among those who accepted the invitation.

Skin Food for all the senses: the sensory journey through the soothing world of the new facial care line began with a focus on the sensuality of touch under the motto "beautiful skin you can touch". The event provided a unique multi-sensory experience of the Skin Food world: guests were able to see, feel, smell, taste and even hear it. See: Floral shadow projections and elaborate plant installations created an inviting, green oasis of the Skin Food plant world with integrated product presentations that conveyed a sense of calm, well-being and a deep connection with nature. Smell: The entire space was enveloped in Skin Food's signature scent through small hidden diffusers. Feel: With a greeting from the kitchen, the popular cream family came to the table as swatches on a plate for an up-close test, while Weleda expert Lilith Schwertle explained the formulation and its effectiveness. Listen: The event was accompanied by a unique live performance - the art of bio-sonification. This involves translating electrical impulses from plants into audible melodies. Musician Sebastian Netta interpreted the plant-based ingredients of the beauty line melodically live on site and transformed them into harmonious sounds to make the skin food essence of pansy, calendula, camomile, rosemary and sunflower not only tangible but also audible. Taste: The aromas of the Skin Food essence were translated into a menu of culinary delights and drinks with orange, rosemary, camomile, calendula, sunflower, lavender and lemon.

The launch of the Face Care line marks the start of a new, far-reaching brand presentation to show Weleda in a modern light and at the same time emphasize the high quality of its products. With new campaigns and a comprehensive focus on premiumization, CEO Tina Müller is focusing on an aesthetically appealing brand image that places the focus equally on people and nature. In doing so, she emphasizes Weleda's efforts to harmonize beauty and sustainability. "As a sustainable native, Weleda has been a pioneer in the development of sustainable cosmetics for 100 years now and is characterized by its deep connection to nature. Our environmental awareness is not just a recognition of our roots, but rather our guide for the future. This certainty strengthens our mission to develop products in harmony with nature and to set a positive example for future generations," says Tina Müller, CEO Weleda.

Natural glow starts with healthy skin
Developed in 1926, Skin Food is one of Weleda's first products and has proven to be a timeless classic. Effective, plant-based ingredients, an iconic fragrance, nourished skin and an extra portion of glow - that's Skin Food. The Skin Food secret is an essence of five traditional medicinal plants: pansy, calendula, chamomile, rosemary and sunflower.  A beauty classic that is appreciated by make-up artists, celebrities, beauticians, dermatologists and Weleda customers worldwide. With the new Skin Food Face Care, the moisturizing all-rounder is now also available for the daily facial care routine: Skin Food Nourishing Day Care and Nourishing Night Care extend the product range of the popular beauty classic with two products - especially for the face.

Nature that works: Time-honored plant tradition meets modern skin science
The innovative formulas, especially for dry facial skin, are enriched with highly effective natural ingredients. The nourishing day care provides plenty of moisture and a healthy glow with the new power ingredient phytosqualane and olive leaf extract. The nourishing night care strengthens and regenerates with phytosqualane and omega-3-rich sacha inchi oil. With over 100 years of expertise, Weleda knows that the most effective ingredients come from nature itself.  For "skin that is beautiful to touch" - this is the claim of the new Weleda Skin Food campaign "Touched by Nature". With the unmistakable, 100% natural Skin Food fragrance of sweet orange, aromatic lavender and balsamic notes of benzoin, the facial care products support the skin's natural beauty.

Phytosqualane: a new power ingredient for Weleda Skin Food Face Care
In addition to the iconic plant power of pansies, calendula, camomile, rosemary extract and sunflower oil, Weleda is now relying on a completely new power ingredient for Skin Food Face Care: highly effective phytosqualane. A purely plant-based squalane, naturally extracted from the olive, which strengthens the skin barrier and protects against moisture loss and damaging environmental influences. Thanks to their moisturizing and regenerating properties, the new formulas are particularly nourishing. For a healthy, radiant complexion and the natural Skin Food Glow.

The Skin Food facial care range is now available in stores.



Tina Müller (CEO Weleda) and singer Mandy Capristo © Franziska Krug

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