Anna Laudel shows Cem Sonel "Binary"

Multidisciplinary artist Cem Sonel brings together various materials for his digitally based groups of works in his solo exhibition "Binary," on view at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf from April 22 to June 30, 2023. The name of the exhibition refers to the binary coding system and revolves around concepts that derive their expressive power from their simplicity. Through the use of computer codes and LED panels, Sonel explores advanced production techniques in new media and street art. In addition, the artworks in this comprehensive selection consist of upcycled materials, such as digital screens, MDF, LED panels, and Plexiglas sheets that are considered scrap materials or have lost their function.

"Binary" is a continuation of the exhibition "One and Zero Make Two," which was shown at Anna Laudel Istanbul in 2022. Sonel is one of a very few artists in the world who shape and successfully develop the digital guerrilla street art movement: Like a graffiti artist who leaves his signature on a wall with spray paint, Sonel enriches the spirit of the street with his digital art by "dropping" (programming) pre-programmed computer codes on LED signs in public spaces in a guerrilla-like manner. Sonel's exhibition explores the notions of existence and nonexistence as thesis and antithesis that can be transformed into one another. Sonel shows that the language of digital communication can also be translated into a form of creative expression through unique combinations of zero and one. By establishing a modern connection between technology, existence, and meaning, Sonel aims to question the similarities between existence and nonexistence in an analytical way. Cem Sonel's solo exhibition "Binary," which reinterprets the value system underlying daily life from a philosophical standpoint, is on view at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf until June 30, 2023.

The exhibition "Binary" by Cem Sonel can be seen from April 22 to June 30, 2023 at Anna Laudel Galery, Mühlenstraße 1 in 40213 Düsseldorf.


Cem Sonel "Binary Codes of Love" ©Anna Laudel Gallery

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