apua by vallone® crafted by earth: high quality sustainable marble collection for exceptional bathroom interior.

Bathroom interior brand VALLONE® presents APUA, a collection made of high-quality, 100% natural marble. The collection includes three customizable designs: APUA Monolith, APUA Tops & Boards. Preserving the naturalness and originality of the stone quarried around the Apuan Alps in Italy, each basin, top and board is unique for modern bathroom concepts.

every piece is unique
Marble is an extraordinary material. Created by metamorphosis under the massive pressure of the mountains and under the influence of extreme temperature. APUA is 100% natural: six rare and precious marble varieties translated into an iconic design collection. Stones as the earth created them, fleshed out into exclusive design objects for the bathroom.
Every single stone goes through a precise selection and manufacturing process in our Italian partner manufactories. Refined in a silk-matt finish, the marble retains its natural look and feel. Each of the selected marble varieties has a unique grain with singular patterns and colors that make each APUA product one of a kind.

The new apua by vallone Collection © VALLONE

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