BenFit continues to grow - new financing round

The year 2022 starts with a real bang. The company around founder and CEO Benjamin Jakob was able to successfully close the next capital round and collect an investment sum in the mid-million range for further company growth.

The Düsseldorf-based food start-up BenFit Nutrition, which focuses on organic, gluten-free and vegan high-protein baking and snacking products ended the year 2021 with a sales growth of over 100%. Especially the already very successful online channels could be expanded and convinced the new investors.

Benjamin Jakob: "The investment amount will be used specifically for the expansion of our sales structure and we focus on the distribution of our products in Germany. I am very happy that we were able to build a high-quality shareholder base with great, strategic partners." The young food company is already listed in around 7,500 stores (including parts of Edeka, Rewe and Globus) and is working hard to establish a further physical presence.

In addition to founder Benjamin Jakob and his three partners Malte Krüpfganz, Waldemar Pitrasch and Ifra Sall, Dr. Michael Kern and Michael Kunze, among others, already support the start-up with knowledge and experience. Now the company has gained further expertise in IT, branding and store development. The investors, who are not named, offer BenFit the opportunity to grow further, to realize new, innovative projects and products, and to expand BenFit's distribution throughout Germany. Last year, BenFit was able to enlarge its own assortment to more than 50 products and to set up a fully digitalized warehouse on 7,500 square meters. Currently, the focus is on the further professionalization of the sales team.

Benjamin Jakob continues, "In the strategic direction of BenFit, it is of great importance for us to expand our network with "Smart Money" and to be able to benefit from experts from top management.

The young entrepreneurs are pleased with the positive developments and look forward to the next projects.

Benjamin Jakob (founder BenFit Nutrition) | Fotocredit: Andreas Endermann

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