Calvin Klein celebrates Düsseldorf store with exclusive opening event

Calvin Klein celebrated the opening of its Düsseldorf store with an exclusive launch event on May 23. A select community of trendsetters, stylists, editors and influencers came together in the KÖ-Bogen to discover the spring/summer 2024 collections and the new space. The store showcases Calvin Klein's new global design concept. Fashion, art and architecture come together here, underlining Calvin Klein's ethos of promoting culture, encouraging dialog and expressing individuality. The Düsseldorf store is currently presenting the spring/summer 2024 collections. In addition to modern styles for men and women, the range also includes elegant accessories and iconic Calvin Klein underwear. These include reinterpreted looks that can be effortlessly combined for any occasion. In addition, the store presents the latest collection "Monochromatic Summer" with pieces that are offered in a monochromatic color palette of creamy ivory, beige and pure white.


Catharina Maranca and Dennis Boeer © Annika Yanura

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