Center Parcs Eifel gets new Market Dome: Architect's office Schwitzke revitalizes gastronomy areas as part of park redesignHandelsregister

As part of the redesign of Center Parcs Eifel, the gastronomy areas, which are operated by Areas Deutschland GmbH, were also revitalized. The entire design concept of the new gastronomy area was designed and planned by the architectural firm Schwitzke & Partner, which can look back on many years of expertise in branding. One challenge in the project was to take into account the different gastronomic offerings and integrate them into the unified planning. The family hotel accommodates all generations, so the ambience needed to be very inclusive.

As in the entire Center Parcs, the focus of the redesign was also on the theme of nature: The design concept was intended to appear natural and casual. A total area of 1080 m² was redesigned. All gastronomic areas were checked for their functionality and adapted. Walkways as well as areas that can be used together were optimized. The Aqua Café should be able to be served by one employee, so the pavilion in the swimming pool area had to be retrofitted with cooking technology. The design fits in very well with the redesign of the swimming area and play area.

"We wanted to create a place that would be a meeting place for all people - no matter how big or small. A special feature of the project is also the scale: the Market Dome accommodates several catering establishments at once, which we had to take into account in terms of planning. In terms of sustainability, only the necessary was demolished and the existing building was largely repaired, and the new materials used were procured with sustainability in mind," explains Marie Ernst, Managing Director of Schwitzke & Partner.

The new Market Dome at Center Parcs Eifel © Katharina Jaeger

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