Cevin Parker's "Behind a Dream" at the Meet Pablo Gallery First Miami, now Düsseldorf: Successful premiere after Art Basel

Dreams captured in art: From tomorrow, the Meet Pablo Gallery opens its doors for Cevin Parker's latest exhibition - "Behind a Dream". The internationally renowned artist, who has just returned from a successful presentation at Art Basel in Miami, presents works of art that invite visitors to immerse themselves in the complexity of human dreams.

Each work of art is an expression of an individual dream, a defining moment or an intense feeling - from love to sorrow. "Dreamland" invites you to lose yourself in the colors of dreams and experience freedom in the here and now. Inspired by concepts of an impulsive vision or an unexpected muse, Cevin Parker reflects on his subconscious and creates a harmonious abstraction of his worldview. "Negative experiences can generate positive power. The exhibition expands our life palette and creates space for the beautiful things in life," emphasizes the Berlin artist. Cevin Parker's sensual works of delicate hues and layered acrylics have been shown in numerous sold-out exhibitions worldwide, including in Germany, Portugal and Austria, and have established themselves in various private collections of art lovers in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, Spain, France and the UK.


Cevin Parker in Düsseldorf (c) Max Sonnenschein

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