Chantelle Trend Report: Festival Season

The festival season is just around the corner and promises a time of freedom, togetherness and creativity under a bright sky. What should not be missing? The perfect festival outfit! The look should express an effortless flair of nonchalance and style awareness with a trendy mix of summery lightness and cozy coolness. From classic bandana prints to swimwear and bodysuits as trendy it-pieces - fashion at festivals has served as style inspiration for fashion lovers and trendsetters all over the world for years.

What qualities does a lingerie piece need to have to be festival-ready?

A lingerie piece that is suitable for festivals should be versatile and easy to integrate into different outfits. It should offer an easy fit that is either cozy and romantic, spacey or sexy, depending on the look. The versatility of the piece allows you to style it however you like and adapt to the festival mood.

Which materials and cuts are particularly suitable for wearing lingerie as part of an outfit without revealing too much?

When choosing materials and cuts for lingerie as part of an outfit, it's important to make sure that the piece doesn't reveal too much, but is still stylish and comfortable. Bustiers are particularly suitable as they offer good coverage and provide a minimalist base for any outfit, both underwired and with discreet underwires. Materials such as smooth microfiber, underlay lace or embroidery create an elegant look, while opaque cups and multiway strap solutions offer added comfort. Swimwear tops therefore often also offer great options for stylish festival looks.

Which accessories can spice up and complete the outfit?

The festival season offers many people the opportunity to live out their fashion sense and discover exciting new styles - the more unusual the better. Various accessories can be used to enhance the festival outfit: in addition to lingerie, beachwear accessories such as dresses, tunics, kaftans, tops, shorts, pareos and small hats offer a versatile selection to individualize the look and adapt it to your own style. Chantelle accessories add a playful touch to any outfit and round it off perfectly.

What tips would you give to people who want to wear lingerie as outerwear for the first time, but want to feel comfortable and confident?

For people who want to wear lingerie as outerwear for the first time, it is important to feel comfortable and confident. A crucial aspect of this is choosing lingerie pieces with opaque cups that offer a comfortable and secure feeling. Opaque SoftStretch bustiers are particularly suitable as they offer good coverage and are comfortable to wear at the same time.

Are there certain styles or designs that are particularly recommended?

When choosing lingerie styles or designs, there are a variety of options to suit personal preferences and requirements. The trick is to find the right combination: festivals offer the opportunity to put aside any restraint and give free rein to your creativity. Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose an outfit that offers a balanced mix of comfort and extravagance. The focus here is always on the wearer's wishes and individual style. You can either choose a comfortable staple piece and spice it up with exciting accessories or put the focus on an unusual statement piece and combine it with classic pieces. Ultimately, it's all about expressing your own style and personal preferences: be it through comfortable and versatile styles like the SoftStretch collection or extravagant designs like Chantelle X in the Gold X range. There is a suitable piece for every taste and occasion.

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