Diane Kruger and Elyas M'Barek are the new faces of DOUGLAS

- Strong personalities represent Europe's leading premium beauty provider in the new international campaign "Beauty is ..." starting February 15.

- Star photographer Chris Colls replaces the previous imagery by Peter Lindbergh and gives DOUGLAS a modern and accessible visual identity with new motifs.

- The campaign's testimonials are Hollywood star Diane Kruger, Germany's most successful actor Elyas M'Barek and the beauty and fashion models Ajok Madel and Alexandra Agoston.

- With its new campaign claim "Beauty is ...," DOUGLAS provides space for individual interpretations of beauty.

DOUGLAS is introducing a new visual language across Europe, both in its stores and online. The starting signal is the new international campaign "Beauty is ...", which will be on display starting next Wednesday (February 15). The aesthetic yet emotional images by renowned Australian photographer Chris Colls, which feature film stars such as Diane Kruger and Elyas M'Barek, replace Peter Lindbergh's motifs after five years. Europe's leading provider of premium beauty wants the campaign to set an impulse for the individual interpretation of beauty.

"We wanted to develop a new and modern visual language that supports our brand identity ", says Caroline Schmitt, CMO DOUGLAS Group. "Through its visual intensity and closeness, it reflects the core of our new 'Beauty is ...' campaign and thus our brand philosophy. With Diane Kruger and Elyas M'Barek, we have been able to win two strong and internationally known personalities for DOUGLAS, who inspire a multitude of people with their professional and personal careers."

Beauty is ...

The new DOUGLAS motifs show personalities and characters from different angles and in different moods. The claim "Beauty is ..." is understood as an open concept that can be interpreted individually. Everyone views beauty from a different perspective. What is "Beauty"? Self-confidence, gratitude, passion, joy, love, attitude, a smile and much more - the new campaign wants to encourage this multi-faceted contemplation; with a claim that ends with the proverbial three dots and thus invites personal, thoughtful completion. "Beauty, and what we perceive as beautiful, is part of the zeitgeist and thus constantly in flux. Loosely based on the motto "beauty is everywhere," the perception of beauty is individual and can change quickly. Today it's attitude, tomorrow it's openness, and the day after tomorrow - who knows?" says Caroline Schmitt.

About the testimonials of the new campaign

DOUGLAS has chosen four multi-faceted personalities for its new brand image: Hollywood star Diane Kruger, successful actor Elyas M'Barek, and models Ajok Madel and Alexandra Agoston will embody "Beauty is ..." in the future. All four share not only an extraordinary charisma, but also an authentic, personal presence in front of the camera - and of course their very own understanding of beauty.

Diane Kruger is a German-American actress, model and author and has already appeared in numerous moving roles on the big screen. She embodies expressive, inspiring and courageous characters and scores particularly well with her naturalness and approachability. In addition to her acting career, Kruger has been involved in UNICEF and other social initiatives for years. Combined with Kruger's personality and timeless elegance, she was the right choice for DOUGLAS and Chris Colls for the contemporary visuals, which have now been used for several years on all communication channels. "I think one of the things that makes people beautiful is the ability to see the beauty in everything and everyone," said the Hollywood star. Alongside Kruger, one of the best-known German-speaking actors, Elyas M'Barek, is one of the new faces. M'Barek has impressed audiences since the beginning of his career with his acting versatility and strong character roles. He has been known to an audience of millions from the big screen for decades and has established a firm place for himself in Germany's film industry. "It was great to be part of it all and I'm honored to be one of the new faces," said M'Barek. DOUGLAS and Chris Colls were also able to recruit two internationally renowned fashion and beauty models for the campaign: Ajok Madel, just 22 years old, who was born in the south of Sudan and grew up in Australia, and Australian Alexandra Agoston, who now lives in New York. Agoston has been campaigning for the conservation of the world's oceans for some time and has been an ambassador for the US-based Parley Foundation since last year.


About the photographer Chris Colls

Photographer and creative director of the campaign Chris Colls stands for a clear, minimalist and contemporary style of photography - whether in black and white or in reduced color - his works captivate through their timelessness. Colls consciously refrains from over-staged poses and creates effortless, natural and authentic-looking images.

Beauty is … © Chris Colls

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