Franzen x Talbot Runhof

Franzen and the design-duo Talbot Runhof organized a Fashion-Event at the lifestyle concept store at the Königsallee in Düsseldorf. The fashion creations of Talbot Runhof  were combined with luxurious jewellery from brands like Jochen Pohl, Vhernier, 20Y10 and more from the Franzen portfolio and presented to the audience from Düsseldorf by models during two fashion shows. This event was used to show the brand new jewellery collection by EvaNueva from Italy to the public for the first time.

Franzen and Tablot Runhof have already been cooperating for longer now. For example the family-run business integrates dresses from the clothing label regularly in their spectacular themed shop windows. “We are excited to present this collaboration now live on stage and show our guests and customers how great these two extraordinary brands fit together“, said Steffi Kluth-Franzen.


Marietta Franzen, Designer Adrian Runhof, Steffi Kluth-Franzen, Jil von der Forst (Director Retail & Key Account Talbot Runhof) | Fotocredit: Ralf Jürgens

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