From dental care routine to beauty ritual: MINT by Dr. Mintcheva

MINT by Dr. Mintcheva the doc brand for cosmetic dental health combines the latest scientific findings in the fields of aesthetics and well-being with sustainable standards. Medically based oral and skin care products with innovative, natural formulas ensure a naturally beautiful appearance, a radiant white smile and an all-round healthy oral cavity. The vision: to offer an innovative product line for mouth and teeth to transform the daily dental care routine into an indulgent beauty ritual.

Healthy teeth and a perfectly groomed oral cavity are Dr Mariana Mintcheva's great beauty mission. In her practice "Discover White" in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen, she developed the innovative MINT technology, which is the core of her product line. With her MINT brand, Dr. Mintcheva takes a holistic approach to bringing dental health, aesthetics and well-being to a new level for everyone to experience at home. "Every smile deserves to be seen, heard and appreciated. With MINT, I want to contribute to the fact that we can all make the world a little more beautiful with our unique smiles," says Mintcheva. Carefully selected ingredients, professional, tooth-friendly technologies and a high demand for sustainability make the products perfect helpers in the daily oral care routine and a symbol of a mindful lifestyle.

Years of expertise: Dr. Mariana Mintcheva is at home in the beauty industry

"Based on my expertise in dental aesthetics, the idea was born to develop my own care line for mouth and teeth. The fact that toothpaste, mouthwash and dental care are often seen as an annoying necessity is something I want to revolutionise with MINT," says Mintcheva. For two years, the Düsseldorf dentist worked together with an internationally renowned research team on the perfect brushing and cleaning technology.

Special products are needed to turn a routine into a ritual: In addition to its outstanding cleaning effect, MINT by Dr. Mintcheva toothpaste scores points not only because it does not contain microplastics, but also because it has a very low abrasion value, which is far below that of a conventional toothpaste. Rounded volcanic rock glass smoothes and gently polishes the tooth surfaces without harming the enamel, bringing back the natural whiteness. Smiling like Hollywood stars was Mintcheva's motivation in developing their product line. Enriched with perlite, Hollywood Smile polishing paste visibly removes stubborn stains from coffee, tea and red wine, while being gentle on enamel - for a star-like smile. Sensitive, irritated gums are soothed with the gum gel. At the same time, cucumber extract and peppermint oil provide a pleasant feeling of freshness. "I am a visionary and an aesthete - not only in my profession, but also in my private life," explains the dentist. "Thanks to MINT, we put an end to unsightly tubes and bottles that have to be stored in the mirror cabinet. At MINT, we always make sure that we keep maturing the sustainability aspect. For example, we are the first brand with a refill system for our mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide," explains the dentist.

MINT by Dr. Mintcheva: Visually brighter teeth thanks to lipsticks and glosses

"I am proud to be able to establish a holistic product line on the market with MINT by Dr. Mintcheva, which uses valuable and natural ingredients as well as an innovative and sustainable design to put a bright smile on your face every day - the most beautiful 'jewellery' we own," says Mintcheva. In addition to her own oral and dental care line, she developed a unique, self-contained series of beauty products. A lip balm infused with hyaluronic acid, decorative lipsticks and matching liners, and the blue pigment-enriched Lip Blue Shine Gloss make teeth appear visually brighter and lips look fuller. Beauty ampoules specially developed for the sensitive mouth area and the nasolabial fold round off the cosmetics range.

Photo: Dr Mariana Mintcheva

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