GreenMobility transforms the car-sharing market in Cologne and Düsseldorf

The Danish car-sharing provider GreenMobility is coming to North Rhine Westphalia and expanding its service to Düsseldorf and Cologne. Customers can now drive through the two Rhine metropolises with 100 purely electric vehicles. Charging is on a per-minute basis: Users can enjoy GreenMobility cars at the start with a reduced per-minute rate for 9 cents/minute, instead of the normal 30 cents/minute.
"Germany has a long car sharing tradition as well as great support from politicians. We are all pleased that we can now also make commuting more environmentally friendly with our electric solution. We are very excited about our new German customers in Düsseldorf and Cologne," said Thomas Heltborg Juul, Group CEO at GreenMobility. "We are initially starting with 100 vehicles, but already in the near future we are increasing our fleet at the two locations to a total of 300 vehicles. For us, the launch in North Rhine Westphalia is the starting signal to continue offering our solution in other German cities in the future," Heltborg Juul continued. "The further development of urban mobility is a key element in achieving climate protection targets. As with energy supply, our goal in transport is to enable the necessary developments in our city by creating future-oriented infrastructures. To this end, we have established a tightly compacted charging infrastructure: With 40 fast charging points currently installed and around 250 publicly accessible normal charging points, we are the leader among German municipal utilities, and we will be intensively expanding our charging point network in the coming months. We are delighted that GreenMobility is providing a further impetus for the transport turnaround in the city. The company will not only draw on our existing charging infrastructure, but we will also jointly create additional charging solutions at selected company locations," explains Julien Mounier, CEO of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. "GreenMobility, like TankE GmbH, is fully committed to electric mobility," says TankE Managing Director Michael Krystof. "We are therefore looking forward to this cooperation and want to provide sustainable support by setting up and operating further charging options for e-car sharing in Cologne - and our chargE business Mobility service, which is available at around 100,000 charging points throughout Europe," explains Michael Krystof. GreenMobility was founded in 2016 based on the understanding of changing consumer demands in the city, climate awareness and new technology in Copenhagen. GreenMobility offers an affordable and simple mobility solution while providing significant benefits to the city: Less private car use as well as reduced air pollution through an all-electric fleet. Already over 160,000 customers use GreenMobility for their daily commute to work, to easily get from A to B, for weekend trips or even vacations. In eleven European cities, GreenMobility has already proven that car sharing with an all-electric fleet is the sustainable mobility solution of the future. GreenMobility's fleet has been all-electric from the start, and the company was able to prove its profitability as early as 2020. This was a milestone for GreenMobility. In July 2021, GreenMobility acquired twist Mobility GmbH, a station-based solution in Baden-Württemberg, and launched its service in Germany. Today, GreenMobility is expanding the German market with two more cities with full free-float operations and thus the Danish company offers flexible mobility solutions in eleven cities. Listed on Nasdaq Main Market, GreenMobility is one of the leading providers of green mobility solutions
and continues to expand: by 2025, the company aims to be present in 35 cities with over 10,000 electric vehicles.


From Copenhagen to the Rhineland: GreenMobility revolutionizes the car sharing market in Cologne and Düsseldorf © GreenMobility/Andreas Endermann

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