"It doesn't get any more beautiful than this" - Igor Paasch shows exclusive works of art in Düsseldorf office space

Igor Paasch, Berlin conceptual artist and leading representative of the contemporary art scene, is unveiling his latest exhibition entitled "Schöner wird's nicht" for the first time in Düsseldorf. From April 9 to May 8, 2024, Paasch will be showing an exclusive selection of his works, which invite visitors to explore the boundaries between minimalist text images, everyday myths and profound messages.

Igor Paasch's works have names such as "Es heißt Borchardt und nicht Borchardts" or "Abend teuer" and move skillfully between everyday observations, sharp-tongued irony and the subtle nuances and wordplay of our language. These subversive titles are a characteristic feature of his art and are intended to reflect the deeper layers of our trivial everyday culture. In his works, Paasch explores the vitality of consistent reduction. He writes texts on canvases, mirrors or light objects, plays with our habits of seeing and thinking and likes to make use of bold advertising aesthetics. At first glance provocative and humorous, his works are always profound and encourage abstraction and reflection.

"It doesn't get any more beautiful than this" - or does it?

The opening of his first exhibition in Düsseldorf took place in the presence of the artist on April 9, 2024. A special feature of the exhibition is the unconventional form of presentation: the works are not exhibited in a gallery, but in the stately offices of the PR and press agency textschwester in the Pempelfort district. 25 of his works, curated by Angela Nguyen-Hebig, can be admired in the charm of the Wilhelminian style. This decision underlines Paasch's approach of presenting art in lively spaces - in his native Berlin, Paasch's works can be seen in the Grill Royal office, the Paris Bar and the Michelin-starred restaurant Cookie's Cream.
"My art speaks a universal language that goes beyond superficial aesthetics and reminds us that the essential is often invisible to the naked eye. It opens doors to new worlds by making the familiar appear in a new light," explains Igor Paasch. "His works are an example of the power of simplicity and invite viewers to push their own boundaries and discover the beauty in the seemingly banal - always with a wink," adds Angela Nguyen-Hebig, collector and curator of the exhibition.



Igor Paasch (c) Hojabr Riahi

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