Let’s do beautiful: Douglas redefines beauty!

What do the striking profile of a 75-year-old woman, the view of a ballet dancer’s back and the proud pose of a breast amputee have in common? They stand for the new LET’S DO BEAUTIFUL brand equity campaign as the prelude to the new brand communication at Douglas. The campaign shows more than just beautiful pictures, its medium is the commitment to the beauty of diversity, it calls for “beautiful actions with integrity”. The name says it all – and initialises a radical change: Moving from a purely external definition of beauty to a holistic understanding and actions based on values. The campaign insight is based on studies showing that values, behaviour and actions are the most valuable attribute when describing beautiful people. The brand communication thus reflects the company purpose and Douglas’ strategic orientation.

“Together with our advertising agency, Jung von Matt, we decided to approach brand communication very differently. We are showing that beauty is more than a beautiful face and that people’s beauty is also defined by their actions”, says Susanne Cornelius, CMO Douglas Group. “Breaking with clichés in the beauty industry is an integral part of our company principles. This time, however, we are taking things a step further. We are calling for more kindness, empathy and tolerance. We are shifting gears: from looking beautiful, to doing beautiful, because that, is ultimately what it’s all about.”

The campaign is the communicative “extension” of the company purpose. The pledge: We do beautiful. A corporate commitment that Douglas is now also turning into a public appeal.

As part of this pledge and in addition to the existing cooperation with DKMS LIFE, new long-term partnerships with charity organisations such as “Bürgerstiftung Düsseldorf” and “Die Tafel Deutschland” have been set up. “While developing the campaign and company purpose, we started to feel the impact of this new way of thinking right away”, says Susanne. “Our employees are outstandingly motivated, they want to become involved and “do beautiful”. This campaign will have a long-lasting impact on us!”

At the start of the campaign, a visually strong TV spot with a moving soundtrack will air in various formats, accompanied by an out-of-home campaign with unexpected imagery and thought-provoking headlines. Both media will be supported and extended with a print circuit and numerous digital formats that expand the campaign idea and show how easy it is to be beautiful, as ultimately: We are just as beautiful as our actions.

Printproduktion: TEMPOMEDIA, EP Vera Portz; Fotografin: Alique

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