LFDY x edding: Cult cooperation for the new Spring Collection "Hit And Run"

In homage to early graffiti culture, the streetwear label Live Fast Die Young is presenting two limited edition Live Fast edding markers for its spring collection. In addition to the new collection drop "Hit And Run", consisting of around 50 pieces, the two Live Fast edding markers are available in black and silver.
Street style, hip-hop, graffiti art - in the 80s and 90s, these urban trends became the symbol of an entire generation. Having grown out of this culture itself, LFDY's "Hit And Run" pays tribute above all to the beginnings of the New York graffiti scene and its legends such as Cope2, one of the pioneers of the throw-up style. In familiar oversized looks and with graffiti prints, the brand plays with motifs from the scene, such as the Emergency Hammer and Surveillance Cameras, as well as the indispensable accessory of every graffiti artist: the edding marker. The permanent marker became an icon of the graffiti scene, especially in the first decades. Phillip Böndel from The Ambition brought the traditional German company and the streetwear brand together for the new LFDY Spring Collection.

"We are delighted to be working with such an iconic brand that everyone is familiar with. Especially because we used to always have an edding in our pockets ourselves. In the design, we brought both worlds together by retaining the classic edding logo but reducing it to monochrome colors," says Joël Hartmann, Head of Design at LFDY. "What was particularly exciting about the collaboration for us was the joint journey from an originally abstract idea to the final Live Fast edding marker," adds Boontham Temaismithi, Chief Digital Officer at edding. "Giving people the opportunity to express themselves creatively describes our joint mission with LFDY very well. Be it with permanent markers or authentic streetwear."

The selected articles of the collaboration, the edding 3000 in black and the edding 750 in silver, reflect the typical black and chrome colors of LFDY's graffiti and brand DNA.

Available from March 9, 11 a.m., online at livefastdieyoung.com or in the LFDY stores in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Amsterdam and London.

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