Medical INN gets even bigger: Grand opening and charity event with 300 guests and international celebrities

Many associate the latest methods of aesthetic surgery as well as the pioneering anti-aging trends with Hollywood stars and their numerous renowned doctors: Prof. (CH) Dr. Mehmet Atila, one of the leading specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Europe, brings the world's most successful treatment concepts to Düsseldorf with Medical INN. His success proves him right, as the specialist's consultation and treatment calendar is already fully booked two years in advance. Dr. Atila's clinic grows with an additional extension to over 1000 sqm, making it not only one of the largest, but also one of the most innovative and international private clinics for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Europe.

Known for his medical tourism, patients from all over the world are drawn to Prof. (CH) Dr. Mehmet Atila in Düsseldorf. In Germany's metropolis for luxury, beauty and style, he and his team of experts make beauty wishes come true. Founded in 2015, Medical INN celebrated its largest beauty destination to date on June 16, 2023 in Düsseldorf Golzheim. The exclusive grand opening was celebrated with almost 300 invited guests and a top-class celebrity line-up - including actress and Hollywood beauty Megan Fox, who became famous through the 'Transformers' film series, among other things, and has not been to Germany for a long time. Thanks to Atila, she is now visiting Düsseldorf to attend the charity party.

In his renowned beauty center Medical INN in Düsseldorf Golzheim, he and his Expert:innen team advise and treat in all areas of plastic and aesthetic surgery: whether breast surgery, body shaping and lifting, Brazilian Butt Lift, nose correction, hair transplantation, face lift or treatments without surgery such as injections with Botox, hyaluron or own blood, laser and needling therapies.

Dr. Mehmet Atila has been socially involved for many years with institutions such as Interplast e. V. and ReStore Worldwide. He treats severely injured patients in developing countries, for example in Ghana, during his numerous humanitarian missions as a reconstructive plastic surgeon. Since 2017, Prof. (CH) Dr. Atila has represented ReStore Europe in the role of European Director.


Talk of the Town: exclusive charity VIP opening with 300 guests.

The celebrity fan base of Medical INN and Dr. Atila's treatment methods are large. The exclusive opening was therefore attended by presenter Sonya Kraus and various patients, as well as national celebrities such as Dana Schweiger, Cathy Hummels, Andrej Mangold with girlfriend Annika Jung, Lisa Straube and Akka, Andrzej and Victoria Cibis, Twenty4Tim, Michael Naseband with son Mike Naseband, Marie Wegener and Silvan Pierre Leirich, and Verena Kerth with Marc Terenzi: nnen like Gerda Lewis, Yeliz Koc, Kattia Vides, Michelle Schellhaas and the artist Ivana Santacruz (Ivi Cruz).


Big charity campaign with many partners - and a runway presentation

In addition to various live acts with singing and comedy interludes, the focus was on the charity action. The evening was filled with many program highlights such as the charity action, which was particularly close to the heart of founder Dr. Atila.

For the charity aspect of the event he could win numerous prominent supporters: Bentley Düsseldorf, Brauksiepe Goldschmiedemanufaktur from Essen, Scavi&Ray - enlivened the evening with drinks and donated a 9-liter magnum bottle of Scavi&Ray Prosecco, artistically painted as a unique piece by artist Isi Carolina. Designer Sabine Lohèl of fashion brand 'Semperlei' donated one of her luxurious fall looks, Patrick Treutlein of Treutlein Interiors supported the campaign with three decorative objects, while artist couple Mr. & Mrs. Marnali (Marnali Art) donated several of their coveted colorful pop art collectibles.

On display on the runway were: Holiday and evening dresses by the brand SuaBel, supported by Sara Pavo Cosmetics from Oberhausen, Almir Bajrami from Wuppertal with luxurious hairstyles. And Brauksiepe Goldschmiedemanufaktur provided the glamorous jewelry on the catwalk at the show.

Proceeds from the evening's donations will go to the ReStore Worldwide organization, for which Dr. Atila has been sustainably involved since 2017.

Megan Fox, Prof. (CH) Dr. Mehmet Atila und Filiz Atila © PR/Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Medical Inn

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