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Snow-covered streets, glittering starry nights and pleasurable moments: the limited winter editions of Lakrids by Bülow remind us that winter is and always will be the warmest of all seasons. This year, Lakrids by Bülow presents four different flavors and two advent calendars, sweetening the waiting for Christmas. They offer an all-round experience of taste and texture, of liquorice and chocolate, of joyful anticipation and unexpected flavor play. A delight with all senses: from gentle culinary delights to crispy taste sensations - variety is guaranteed.


The classic favorite - even during the Christmas season: CLASSIC. A shiny eyecatcher and the perfect combination of sweet and salty. A smooth, bronze-colored surface encases the caramelised, delicate dulce chocolate. The sweet chocolate shell is peppered with crispy Maldon sea salt. At its core is a soft, sweet licorice. The pure aroma and the crispy consistency make the salt crystals in combination with liquorice and chocolate an exciting taste experience.


The winter edition for all lovers of dark chocolate: A sweet liquorice core is covered in dark, intense dark chocolate and supplemented with fine, crispy sea salt flakes.


Golden Coat: The GOLD edition combines the sweetness of white chocolate and the mild acidity of pink raspberries - this year for the first time with a touch of fruity strawberry - and sweet licorice. Of course, encased in golden powder, around the dark season to lighten up a bit.


All in black: the aromatic spicy Edition SNOWBALL is particularly strong in flavor. Aromatic ingredients such as salmiak, black pepper and raw licorice powder combined with soft milk chocolate make this Winter Edition an exceptional taste experience. The spicy shell encases a sweet, intense liquorice core. The world's first black snowball ball. The limited Winter Editions 2019 by Lakrids by Bülow are now available in all retail stores and online at


This year, the Advent calendar keeps all the flavor variations and the different textures of the Lakrid's wonderland ready. Taste attractions, crispy surprises and sweet delicacies lead through December in 24 days and also surprise with former, limited editions. Whether as a gift for friends and family or to give yourself a tasteful pleasure, the Lakrids Advent calendar is also available in family size with six crispy surprises and sweet delicacies behind every door. The Advent calendars by Lakrids by Bülow are now available in all retail stores and online at




The step towards sustainable production: all cans, gift boxes and advent calendars are recycled and reusable. The use of recycled cardboard and paper, biodegradable film and not using the magnetic closure should cause less waste, conserve resources and minimize waste.

Lakrids winter edition

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