Hollywood Smile Made in Düsseldorf: Dr Mariana Mintcheva opens Germany's first dental spa

Here, a visit to the dentist becomes a wellness treatment: Inspired by the holistic approach of beauty, well-being and dental health as one, Dr. Mariana Mintcheva revolutionises the beauty industry with Germany's first MINT Dental Spa and reinterprets the topic of dental aesthetics. The spa is Germany's premium address for beauty treatments with a dental focus and was ceremoniously opened yesterday in the heart of the Medienhafen. Celebrity guests in attendance were: Star designer Thomas Rath and Düsseldorf's socialites around model and fashion blogger Gitta Banko, fashion entrepreneur Petra Dieners as well as well-known CEOs of the beauty industry. Jazz musician and entertainer Tom Gaebel provided the evening's musical entertainment. Nic Shanker, known from the popular VOX format "First Dates", mixed the drinks.

Pictures of the evening can be found here.

Dental rejuvenation reinterpreted: The MINT Dental Spa offers six pampering treatments on 150 square metres for all-round cared-for teeth and lips. Whether Hollywood Smile for smooth, healthy and visibly whitened teeth, the Glow Treatment with anti-aging effect or Smile Design with a focus on aesthetic tooth correction - all treatments in the MINT Dental Spa are individually adapted to the wishes of the guests as well as to the sensitivity of the oral cavity and ensure well-being, healthy teeth and a rejuvenated, radiant appearance.

"Brighter teeth, a well-groomed oral cavity and an expressive lip area make us look younger and more vital. A youthful appearance is the result of few vertical wrinkles, which make us look sad as they pull the corners of the mouth down. At MINT Dental Spa, I have made it my mission to bring dental beauty to life through treatments I have specially developed, thereby helping everyone to achieve a fresh, youthful appearance. Relaxed, balanced and with newfound self-confidence - that's how I want my guests to leave our MINT feel-good oasis after an unforgettable dental beauty spa day," says Dr. med. dent. Mariana Mintcheva MSc.

The Düsseldorf dentist specialises in aesthetic dentistry and helps people achieve a star-like smile every day in her Discover White practice. Celebrities, actors and athletes also get their Hollywood smile from Dr. Mintcheva. During her studies at the renowned New York University, Dr. Mintcheva specialised in the supreme discipline of dental rejuvenation: veneers. She is therefore one of a select group of dentists in Germany with this unique expertise in the field of aesthetic dentistry. For years, she has been successfully developing treatment concepts in her own dental laboratory and is now one of the world's most sought-after doctors in this field. Her luxury dental line MINT by Dr. Mintcheva offers the ideal dental care routine for feeling like after professional teeth cleaning. The products developed by the dentist pamper the oral cavity every day. Thanks to high-quality ingredients from professional dentistry, all regions are perfectly cared for: Teeth, gums and lips.

Curious about the Dental Spa?

You can find pictures of the premises here.

Thomas Rath, Dr. Mariana Mintcheva, Sandro Rath (c) Isa Foltin

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