Samadhi Wellness offers triad of yoga, wellness and health: Architectural firm Schwitze & Partner designs luxurious yoga and spa landscape in Dubai

Since time immemorial, yoga has been associated with simplicity, spirituality and a conscious awareness of the body. The desire to align oneself not only physically but also spiritually with one's exercise session inspired Samar Al Salem to create her holistic yoga and spa temple on Dubai's coastal strip, in Jumeirah. Samadhi Wellness not only offers sessions of the popular form of exercise, but also bundles a spacious spa area and a café under one roof. The concept is additionally complemented by an in-house merchandise store. The Düsseldorf-based architectural firm Schwitzke & Partner is responsible for the design and planning of the facility, which is scheduled to open in May 2023.

The two yoga classrooms, the spacious spa area, the café and the boutique with branded merchandise are spread over two floors in a 350 m² villa. Inspired by Moroccan riads, a leafy sun terrace with upholstered seating invites guests to linger. While the different areas complement each other thematically and offer visitors a holistic concept of wellness, sport and well-being, the gastronomic offer with a large selection of superfoods and drinks also attracts people who are not yoga-savvy into the circle of Samadhi Wellness.

Dubai as a city stands for the symbiosis of modern progress and tradition, which is also reflected in the interior design. Throughout the store, the Schwitzke & Partner team of architects has implemented a monochrome and harmonious design concept of warm beige and terracotta nuances. While round arches, clay buildings and wood-paneled pointed floors emphasize the Arabian flair of the establishment, other areas of the spa and gastronomy oasis are dominated by modern wood and wicker furniture, which lend the rooms their contemporary character. Fragrant linen curtains and a yoga area modeled on a Bedouin tent round out the interior design compositionally.
"We wanted to create a place that is a meeting point and absolute feel-good destination for all people - whether they are sports- or health-savvy," emphasizes Tina Jokisch, managing director of Schwitze & Partner. "Dubai is very multifaceted as a location and the interplay between modernity and tradition is therefore particularly exciting. The hospitality of Samar Al Salem, founder and owner of Samadhi Wellness, inspired us to give the yoga and spa oasis individuality and heart," says Jokisch.

The design of Samadhi Wellness is not Schwitzke & Partner's first project in the Middle East. The Schwitzke Group has been working successfully in this region for many years, currently for brands such as Virgin Megastore, Marina Home Interiors and Bloomingdales.




Café Samadhi Wellness in Dubai © Schwitzke

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