Swedish fashion label "Acne Studios" celebrates new opening in Hamburg-General contractor Schwitzke Project realizes the interior design of the store

"Keep it simple" is the style credo of Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios. The clothes are not overloaded, but surprise with an unusual cut or individual bright colors. This brand DNA was also taken up in the new opening of the store on Neuer Wall in Hamburg. Interior designer Vera Schmitz interpreted the retail concept of the Halleroed design studio locally for the store design, combining elements of classic German architecture with the Swedish brand philosophy. The general contractor Schwitzke Project from Düsseldorf was responsible for the implementation of the interior fittings, including all technical trades and the reworking of the facade.

The 225-square-meter Hamburg store, located between two canals and between two streets, is divided into two wings. Customers enter the store via two separate entrances, in the center of which is a triangular gondola covered with mirrors to create a sense of optical illusion. Scattered throughout the store, decorative elements include a selection of batik-look seating furniture that breaks up the industrial environment of hard metals and glass.

"The walls are set off by a spectacular lighting system by French artist Benoit Lalloz that reflects the sculptural mannequins. We installed over 80 luminaires, varying in length, in the ceiling of the retail space for this purpose. Each luminaire can be individually controlled to create an optimal lighting situation," explains Wolfgang Sigg, Managing Director of Schwitzke Project.

The Hamburg store is the first cooperation between Schwitzke Project and Acne Studios.

New Acne Store in Hamburg © Acne Studios

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