TIORE by VALLONE® and Fabian Freytag

Leading bathroom interior company VALLONE® has teamed up with renowned designer and architect Fabian Freytag to create a pioneering piece of furniture that redefines the boundaries of design in the bathroom sector. The jointly developed washbasin, called TIORE, will be presented for the first time at Milan Design Week.

A harmonious synthesis of bathroom design and technical sophistication

The cooperation between VALLONE® and Fabian Freytag Studio marks the unification of product and interior design at the highest level. The TIORE washbasin, designed in collaboration with Fabian Freytag's design studio, presents itself as a work of art made up of basic geometric shapes that soar upwards with a floral lightness. The washbasin is the result of a joint commitment to quality, materiality and functionality. It presents itself as a sculptural masterpiece that can be individually configured - with numerous possible combinations of four selected colors and six extraordinary types of marble.

The T-shaped composition of furniture and countertop basin is broken up by the harmonious interplay of the permanently installed fitting, mirror and lamp, creating a delicate aesthetic. The combination of exquisite color nuances and exceptional natural stone completes the overall sculptural aesthetic. The name "TIORE" is an artistic fusion of the Italian words "Torre" (tower) and "Fiore" (flower) and verbally underlines the elegant fusion of design and technical sophistication that characterizes this extraordinary work. The striking silhouette is reminiscent of a tower, while the organic shapes and gentle curves of the fitting evoke the association of a flower in full bloom.
form equals function - when artificial intelligence meets creativity
"The idea behind TIORE was to create a freestanding object that not only combines all the functions of a washbasin, but also enriches the bathroom with its sculptural presence," explains Marcel Sekula, CEO of VALLONE®. "The washbasin is the result of a collaboration in which aesthetics and design play just as important a role as maximum functionality for everyone involved," says Sekula.

"Working with VALLONE® to develop the TIORE washbasin has been an inspiring journey for us," says Fabian Freytag, architect and creative director of Fabian Freytag Studio. "The opportunity to share our creative vision with a leading bathroom interior brand and create a product of such beauty and finesse fills me with great joy. The unveiling of TIORE at Milan Design Week marks a milestone in the world of bathroom interiors and sets new standards for elegance, innovation and functionality."

Visitors to Milan Design Week are cordially invited to discover the VALLONE® washbasin and other expressive creations from April 15 to 21, 2024.



Fiore (c) VALLONE®

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