Natural glow starts with healthy skin
Developed in 1926, Skin Food is one of Weleda's first products and has proven to be a timeless classic. Effective, plant-based ingredients, an iconic fragrance, nourished skin and an extra portion of glow - that's Skin Food. The Skin Food secret is an essence of five traditional medicinal plants: pansy, calendula, chamomile, rosemary and sunflower.  A beauty classic that is appreciated by make-up artists, celebrities, beauticians, dermatologists and Weleda customers worldwide. With the new Skin Food Face Care, the moisturizing all-rounder is now also available for the daily facial care routine: Skin Food Nourishing Day Care and Nourishing Night Care extend the product range of the popular beauty classic with two products - especially for the face.

Nature that works: Time-honored plant tradition meets modern skin science
The innovative formulas, especially for dry facial skin, are enriched with highly effective natural ingredients. The nourishing day care provides plenty of moisture and a healthy glow with the new power ingredient phytosqualane and olive leaf extract. The nourishing night care strengthens and regenerates with phytosqualane and omega-3-rich sacha inchi oil. With over 100 years of expertise, Weleda knows that the most effective ingredients come from nature itself.  For "skin that is beautiful to touch" - this is the claim of the new Weleda Skin Food campaign "Touched by Nature". With the unmistakable, 100% natural Skin Food fragrance of sweet orange, aromatic lavender and balsamic notes of benzoin, the facial care products provide holistic support for well-being.

Phytosqualane: a new power ingredient for Weleda Skin Food Face Care
In addition to the iconic plant power of pansies, calendula, camomile, rosemary extract and sunflower oil, Weleda is now relying on a completely new power ingredient for Skin Food Face Care: highly effective phytosqualane. A purely plant-based squalane, naturally extracted from the olive, which strengthens the skin barrier and protects against moisture loss and damaging environmental influences. Thanks to their moisturizing and regenerating properties, the new formulas are particularly nourishing. For a healthy, radiant complexion and natural skin food glow.

Sustainable Beauty: Skin Food Face Care for more sustainability
The new face care duo not only relies on high-quality ingredients, but also on responsible packaging: The green glass containers contain PCR material (post-consumer recyclate). At the same time, the folding box as well as the glass jar and lid (if disposed of separately) are recyclable.


Skin Food Nourishing Day Care


Skin Food Glow for every day: The first Skin Food day cream especially for the face offers immediate and long-lasting moisture for dry skin. The day cream relies on the powerful active ingredient phytosqualane and olive leaf extract for the daily facial care routine. Pure plant-based phytosqualane, naturally extracted from the olive, strengthens the skin barrier to protect it from damaging environmental influences and moisture loss. Dryness lines are reduced and the complexion appears fresher and more radiant. Thanks to the new formulation, Skin Food day care is absorbed particularly quickly, nourishes the skin intensively and leaves it looking more even and healthy. The rich, non-greasy texture is perfect as a make-up base, creating a silky-soft skin feel and a natural glow. A light citrus freshness of sweet orange is rounded off by the balsamic notes of benzoin.

Skin Food Nourishing Night Care


Beauty sleep with the new Skin Food night care: it combines the iconic Skin Food essence with the power ingredient phytosqualane and omega-3-rich Sacha Inchi oil for skin that feels supple and smooth. The cold-pressed, pure oil from the sacha inchi plant is particularly known for its cell-regenerating properties and has a positive influence on the skin's barrier function. Phytosqualane is extracted from the olive as a purely plant-based squalane and protects the skin from moisture loss. This reduces dryness lines and makes the complexion appear fresher and more radiant. Thanks to the innovative formula of Skin Food night care, the skin is regenerated and supplied with sufficient moisture during the night. The rich cream melts onto the skin, is quickly absorbed and strengthens the skin barrier while you sleep, while supporting the natural cell renewal processes. Aromatic lavender fragrance, enveloped by delicate balsamic notes of benzoin, sets the mood for the night. The result with regular use: radiant, silky-soft and intensely nourished skin.



Over 100 years ago, Weleda's founders developed a new understanding of health and beauty: they knew that there is a deep relationship between man and nature. Based on this insight, Weleda has been developing certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines since 1921 and is now considered the global market leader. The company relies on effective raw materials from nature. But Weleda doesn't just take, it also gives back. Whether in its own biodynamically cultivated medicinal plant garden in Wetzgau, the ecologically and fairly designed supply chains or through the responsible use of resources - Weleda wants to make the world a better place for people and nature. Sustainability and responsibility for people and nature are part of Weleda's roots - and the future of us all.

Nourishing day care from the Skin Food facial care range by Weleda (c) Weleda

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