Wempe awards the Düsseldorf Volunteer Prize to the KIBI Kinderclub

For the third time, the Wempe branch on Königsallee is honouring a non-profit institution with the Düsseldorf Volunteer Award. This time, "Ein Radschlag für Düsseldorf - Unsere Anerkennung für das Düsseldorfer Ehrenamt" (A cartwheel for Düsseldorf - Our recognition for Düsseldorf's voluntary work) is directed at a non-profit project to promote the future of young generations. The aim is to support social commitment in the region, to promote ideas and creativity and to draw attention to smaller institutions. This year, the donation of 5,000 euros goes to the KIBI Kinderclub. The facility in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk is a significant meeting place for children and young people. KIBI offers play and creative activities as well as a daily lunch and homework supervision.

For Niklas Drösser (46), Managing Director of the Wempe branch in Düsseldorf, this award deserves special attention: "Supporting children and young people has always been a central part of volunteering for the family-owned company Wempe. Being a father myself, this topic is also very close to my personal heart. Often, many things seem to be more important than taking time for the youngest children, who do not yet have a voice of their own in our society. This is another reason why the work of local institutions is important because this is where the help arrives directly and immediately. Our choice this year was the KIBI children's club. Like many other institutions, the work there is suffering particularly badly from the corona pandemic, making it difficult to maintain operations during these times. With our donation, we would like to support the great work of the children's club."

Photo from left to right: Leon-Michalis Stioukis (Head of Kinderclub KIBI), Alicja Bergsch (Educator Kinderclub KIBI), Niklas Drösser (GF Wempe Düsseldorf) and Rosa Theodor (Student Assistant Kinderclub KIBI) - Credit: Wempe

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