Wolfgang Sohn goes KÖ Galerie: "The Continued of Mask Shooting" Temporary photo studio of the renowned photo artist on Königsallee

Photographer and organizer of the Düsseldorf Photo Popup Fair Wolfgang Sohn is opening a temporary photo studio on the second floor of Düsseldorf's KÖ Galerie. In 2021, the renowned photo artist completed an unusual project known as the "Mask Shoot". This was a photo series in which the models and personalities were photographed once without and once with a fencing mask and these portraits were juxtaposed. The photo artist is now expanding his project with a second part: Sohn will be opening a temporary photo studio in Düsseldorf's KÖ Galerie on the first weekend of December 2023. Interested parties will have the opportunity to get to know the artist and the project at the Open Studio Day on December 13 from 4 - 9 pm.

"We are delighted to welcome Wolfgang Sohn and his project to our gallery. With his numerous projects, he is one of Düsseldorf's best-known artists and is therefore a perfect fit for KÖ Galerie in the heart of Düsseldorf. How nice that we were able to provide him with a suitable space," says Alexander Balzer, Center Manager KÖ Galerie Düsseldorf. "We are looking forward to the pictures that will be created during the continuation of the project in the KÖ Galerie."

"The idea behind this project was to reflect the impact of the current pandemic on society and at the same time highlight the individuality of each model," explains Wolfgang Sohn, photographer and curator. "Over 250 people were photographed at the time. Now I would like to continue the project under different aspects - but with the same approach. Once again, the fencing mask is the central object, but I am working with other, colored backups and the project is deliberately detaching itself from the negative time of the pandemic."

The mask used is an old fencing mask with a fine metal mesh. Sohn attached great importance to the fact that the masks should be seen as a photographic stylistic device and serve as a means of expression. What happens to the protagonists when they have to look through a restricted field of vision and the space under the mask is also very limited and constricted, and how does the physiognomy change for the viewer from the outside? Exciting questions that are answered by the results.

This project resulted in the illustrated book "DISTANCE", which was published by Snap Collective Publishing and released in 2022. "DISTANCE" is not only a visual work, but also a document of contemporary history.

The KÖ Galerie is located on the eponymous Königsallee, one of the most famous and exclusive shopping streets in Europe. On three elegant shopping floors with around 20,000 square meters of retail space, guests can expect a high-quality mix of premium and luxury brands.

Wolfgang Sohn x KÖ Galerie (c) Wolfgang Sohn

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