Favorite places and brand experiences from a single source

The Düsseldorf-based group of companies is one of the leading international service providers for the design and realization of projects in the areas of brand, experience and architecture. Schwitzke creates unique brand personalities, builds vibrant districts and urban favorite places for people's needs: from analog or digital stores to shopping centers, from offices to restaurants or hotels. The group of companies manages the entire process of making brands an emotional experience for all the senses and implementing projects on time and on budget with the highest quality. Starting with strategic consulting, through design development and communication of holistic brand spaces, to professional conversion and expansion, regardless of complexity and size. With over 200 employees, the award-winning company has offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich and Krakow.

Our services

  • Press text productions
  • Corporate Communications
  • Organisation of press conferences and photo shoots
  • Launches in specialist media and national leading media
  • Clippings and evaluation
  • Personal communication, establishing contacts with editorial offices and journalists

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