VALLONE®- italian design. german precision.

Italian design, German engineering: the bathroom interior brand VALLONE® offers what has long been missing in the bathroom furnishings market. From its headquarters on the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein, the Essen-based brand creates avant-garde, elegant and functionally sophisticated design, beyond bathroom standards or prices in the luxury segment. VALLONE® always focuses on transparency, clarity and advice. At its heart is an innovative digital platform that provides a direct interface to customers' wishes, ideas and questions.
"Our brand rethinks bathroom interiors: digital, dialog-oriented, sustainable. With VALLONE® we wanted to prove that the courage to do things differently can also lead to success in traditional industries," says Marcel Sekula, CEO of VALLONE®. "The Red Dot Design Award for RYO means all the more to us for that reason. It shows: New ways are seen - and honored!"

RED DOT: A seal of quality
The Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition and is regarded worldwide as a seal of quality for outstanding design. The prizes are distributed among three competition divisions; the "Best of the Best" category is the highest award within the "Product Design" division.

Photocredit: VALLONE®

Our services

  • Ongoing professional PR work
  • Media Cooperations
  • Individual launches
  • Creation of clipping reports
  • Evaluation
  • Trade media PR
  • Press text productions
  • Organization of press appointments
  • Personal contact, maintaining contact with editorial offices and journalists

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