A tribute to the diversity of Düsseldorf: Philipp Lange as the new head chef at The Court - Dining Experience

A place of encounter, enjoyment and discovery: Claudia Schröter, Kitchen Director of The Wellem with all its gastronomic outlets, is handing over responsibility for the new restaurant concept at The Court to Philipp Lange. Under the leadership of the new chef, the former "The Court - Bar & Grill" will become a culinary refuge for gourmets and connoisseurs in search of new taste experiences.

In one of Düsseldorf's most historic buildings, "The Court - Dining Experience" offers its guests the opportunity to experience familiar flavors in an extraordinary way and with all their senses. The result: classic ingredients merge with the sophistication of Asian cuisine to create a culinary delight - tradition meets innovation.
As a tribute to the vibrant diversity of Düsseldorf, Philipp Lange is not only an experienced chef, but also a creative restaurateur at the helm of The Court. Having grown up on Maui, a melting pot of different cultures, his gastronomic creativity is influenced by a multitude of tastes and lifestyles. Lange draws not only the ideas for his exquisite creations from this multifaceted diversity, but also his passion for merging different cooking styles and making food a point of contact between people.

Philipp Lange learned the basics of fine dining at Gut Höhne, a family-run wellness business near Düsseldorf. He later honed his skills in renowned restaurants such as the Victorian and Agatas and established himself as a top-class chef with a distinctive signature style. At Agatas in particular, where he worked for over a decade, including three years as head chef, he developed an unmistakable style that combines conventional dishes with unusual flavors, always seeking a balance between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Philipp Lange has a clear vision for "The Court - Dining Experience": he wants to create a culinary offering that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of Düsseldorf - exquisite, dynamic and characterized by influences from Little Tokyo. With the aim of delighting guests so that they look forward to the next menu with every bite, Philipp Lange's cuisine places high demands on the complexity and originality of the dishes.
Guests at The Court - Dining Experience can expect an innovative menu that combines the timeless with the modern. From unusual flavor combinations such as a Jordan olive oil sorbet to exquisite signature dishes such as Garimori Ibérico and Ikejime Müritzfischer sturgeon, the menu offers a varied selection for every taste. "Our dishes are a tribute to the diversity of the city. We combine seemingly incompatible ingredients to create fascinating compositions that indulge the senses. The focus is always on the greatest possible appreciation for every dish and every ingredient," explains Lange.

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and indulge in exquisite pleasure: Whether in a carefully composed 5-course, 7-course menu or à la carte - at The Court, dining together becomes an experience akin to a visit to the theater, a concert or another cultural activity.
The restaurant in the artistically adept Andreas Quartier welcomes its guests in an ambience surrounded by expressive portraits of Che Guevara from the collection of the in-house gallery Geuer und Geuer. On display are works by international artists who express their personal view of Che as an international symbol of revolution and freedom. Both inspiring and deliberately controversial, the works create an atmospheric depth that captivates guests while they indulge in culinary delights.
With multi-sensory conceived and prepared dishes, all senses are addressed here - from the first sight to the last bite.

Reservations and further information can be found at www.thecourt-restaurant.de

The Court Dining Experience im Andreas Quartier (c) The Wellem

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