Strategic lifestyle PR for the automotive business: Audi AG, Audi Region West, McLaren Automotive, Polestar, Aston Martin and as a columnist for the worldwide Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine. With Mercedes-Benz we are not only connected by the good star, but also by the partnership with Breuninger in the flagship store Kö-Bogen. Read more

Travel & Leisure

Strategic lifestyle PR for tourism and business: We represent clients from the region, such as the Fashion Hotel Indigo and Wasserturm Hotel Cologne as well as international clients: the Spanish five-star lifestyle resort Oliva Nova. Read more


Strategic lifestyle PR for the beauty business: Our clients from the beauty business take care of your well-being. And we take care of our clients – like Europe's largest beauty destination Douglas for lifestyle communication and events, high-flyer brands like Jean&Len, the Doc Brand Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg or MINT by Dr. Mintcheva. Read more


Strategic lifestyle PR for fashion: We know the fashion business and represent the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger in the flagship store of the KöBogen in Düsseldorf, Chantelle Germany and advise the state capital Düsseldorf with Fashion Net e.V. around the fashion business at the location. Read more


Strategic lifestyle PR for jewelry: Whether it is in connection with getting established on the German market or taking care of guests at a luxury event – we consult and represent international jewelry labels such as such currently Harry Winston and the popular Harry Winston Salon with national chief editors. Also in the textschwester vault: the Franzen Lifestyle Concept Store on Königsallee as well as PR events around Wempe in Düsseldorf. Read more

Real Estate

Strategic lifestyle PR for real estate: The circle of clients includes investors, developers, financiers, builders, appraisers, consultants, brokers, urban developers, architects, service providers as well as cities and municipalities. Among the numerous successfully positioned and marketed properties of the successful team is the Kö-Bogen by star architect Daniel Libeskind, which has been staged creatively and with public appeal from the project development in 2009 until today. Read more

Food & Beverage

Strategic lifestyle PR for Food & Beverage: We advise and represent clients of exquisite taste - whether in establishing brands on the German market through exclusive press events, tastings or brand launches at the finest level. We have successfully launched many restaurants, just ask Björn Freitag, Tim Mälzer or Jesper Boelskifte. Read more


Strategic lifestyle PR for specials: Exceptional projects need extraordinary PR support – like the Eurovision Song Contest that took place in the North Rhine-Westphalia capital in 2011. Read more

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