"Chez Olivier" celebrates opening in Düsseldorf

- Opening of the Épicerie fine & cave à vin "Chez Olivier" in Flingern

- Exclusive delicatessen articles directly from the producers in France

- Founder Olivier Grosjean offers customers excellent natural quality at a very good price-performance ratio

What do a Champagne from Jérôme Blin, a Chardonnay from Mathieu Allante and Christian Boulanger and a Cabernet Franc from Simon Batardière have in common? The proverbial good taste of Olivier Grosjean, the founder and single owner of the new Épicerie fine & cave à vin "Chez Olivier" in Flingern, Hermannstraße 24. The reopening of the stylish French delicatessen brings a unique concept to Germany for France fans and those who want to become one. Olivier brings the finest food and noblest drops directly from the producers, wineries and cheese dairies exclusively to Germany due to his many contacts in France.

His good taste is also evident in the interior architecture and store design: the exquisite premises transport customers directly to France. Stucco decor, tile patterns, color scheme, cheese display case - everything très à la française.

And in terms of cost, the grocery store surprises with a very good price-performance ratio - plus excellent natural quality. "Luxury is not my favorite word, but it must also taste good," is owner Olivier Grosjean's philosophy. The delicatessen, the Épicerie fine "Chez Olivier" stands not only for fine luxury products, but lives the French attitude to life through the founder and his team. For this, Olivier is always on the lookout for exceptional producers in France. The excellent quality of the French traditional food culture gets new inspiration here, made in Flingern.

100% of the selected wines, champagnes and cheeses come from all over France. This means a lot of exclusivity and a unique selection, which is not available anywhere else in Germany. Because of this, special emphasis is placed on the origin of all products. To each of the natural products there is a history which is recommended to the customer - by Olivier himself.

France in Flingern

Upon entering the store, one is transported to an Épicerie, a typical, traditional food and spice store from France. Divided between two high-end, high-ceilinged rooms with opulent stucco ceilings, French delicacies can be discovered immediately. Custom-made natural furniture, hand-tiled floors and a great deal of attention to detail await customers on just under 60 square meters.

Several hundred bottles can be found in the store: an assortment of carefully selected wines and champagnes. A cuvée of Clos des Vignes du Maynes from Bourgogne or rather a Chenin of Gaec de l'Écotay from Montreuil-Bellay - exclusively available in Olivier's store.

A cheese selection that impresses - from the finest Comté from Les Suchaux to the delicious Mont d'Or Fermier from Mamet. The most varied degrees of maturity of the cheeses can be tasted here. When you open the front door to "Chez Olivier", a small welcome bell rings: a sign of the entry from living like God in France.

About the founder Olivier Grosjean

About 20 years ago, founder Olivier Grosjean (57) moved from Morteau to Düsseldorf, 600 kilometers away. Like his new adopted home, he has a close relationship with the beautiful things in life. Previously, he worked for more than a decade for a stone and pearl retailers Gerhard Hahn Pearl AG and the Maison Hermès. Through his work for these companies, he appreciates excellence and places a high value on integrating it into the private aspects of his life. In his spare time, he is a passionate host and wants to offer his friends only the best of the best. But now he wants to welcome people beyond his living room. Olivier Grosjean knows the Germans, their tastes and preferences, so he wants to introduce them to the treasures of his homeland. The delicatessen "Chez Olivier" is an authentic piece of France in the heart of Düsseldorf.

Opening hours

Mo-Mi:      12H-18H

Do-Fr:        12H-20H

Sa:              10H-15H


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