DOUGLAS Pride campaign celebrates employees and influencers from the LGBTQIA+ and -Ally community

- The third international DOUGLAS Pride Campaign is a plea for tolerance, individuality and diversity
- Influencer Riccardo Simonetti, model Bonnie Strange, Tarik Tesfu, net activist against racism and homophobia and DOUGLAS make-up artists Paolo and Jeroen speak out in favor of individual diversity
- The new THIS IS HOW WE PRIDE campaign presents diverse statements from the community: Pride is a journey, not a destination

For the third year in a row, DOUGLAS is celebrating Pride Month with an emotional campaign for more awareness and recognition of the LGBTQIA+ & -ally community. Europe’s leading premium cosmetics company is taking a clear social and political stand: DOUGLAS loves the diversity of beauty – regardless of gender, age, origin, culture or sexual orientation. The THIS IS HOW WE PRIDE campaign is an appeal across all target groups for more acceptance, tolerance and freedom. For a world where everyone feels seen, heard and appreciated.

Caroline Schmitt, CMO DOUGLAS Group: “Pride is a passionate concern for all of us. With our new campaign, we want to encourage everyone, along with our own employees, to discover and live their own idea of beauty – no matter what it looks like. We should strengthen one another in expressing ourselves.”

The heart of the campaign is the THIS IS HOW WE PRIDE film. Here the three influencers Riccardo Simonetti, LGBTQ* Special Ambassador to the European Parliament, model and TV personality Bonnie Strange, and net activist Tarik Tesfu as well as DOUGLAS make-up artists Jeroen und Paolo from the LGBTQIA+ & -ally community show that pride is an individual feeling not subject to any law. It encompasses an emotional journey, one’s outward presentation and a celebration of the freedom to be oneself – it characterizes every situation and phase of life.

The international campaign with online videos, social media links, a landing page and an extensive digital as well as POS package launches June 1, 2022.

Campaign credentials
Caroline Schmitt (CMO DOUGLAS Group)
Christina Werzl (International Head of Content, Social Media and Brand Activation)
Allison Jung (International Brand Manager)
Laura Maeter (Senior Graphic & Communication Designer)
Karl Dunn (Writer & Conceptor)
Marion Lange (Consulting)

Chamäleon (Production)
Stephanie Pistel (Photographer)


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