DOX restaurant celebrates glamorous reopening

American-French cuisine meets extravagant, feminine interior

The DOX in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen has always been a trendy favorite place for gourmet, lifestyle, and being seen. Now the restaurant has reinvented itself in four months of renovation and is celebrating its re-opening: the look is now more feminine, bohemian and very cosmopolitan. Both lunch and dinner are served to the restaurant's guests in the French-American Brasserie overlooking the Rhine - in the future, DOX wants to be the city's most popular address for fresh fish, shellfish and the best meat. An exquisite fusion of dishes from American and French cuisine characterizes the new, internationally oriented menu under the direction of kitchen director Paul Hoffmann, which also includes signature dishes such as Oyster Bloody Mary, Lobster à la Thermidor, Bouillabaisse or Chateaubriand. DOX is where the best of French and American cuisine meet; New Orleans and Paris are now at home in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen.

A touch of soul and lots of champagne
After dinner, the DOX is far from closing time: on Fridays and Saturdays, a DJane at the newly designed bar ensures that the restaurant is transformed into a club-like atmosphere. In the completely redesigned bar, the walls and glass partitions are intricately decorated with hand-painted ornaments that shimmer subtly in gold - evoking Art Deco elements and champagne beads. Also new is a walk-in, well-stocked champagne and wine refrigerator that can be looked into directly from the bar.

Upon entering the bar room, an elegantly curved Champagne lounge opens to the right - with semi-circular seating. All colors are tonally coordinated to create a finely modulated, harmonious spatial concept. From the bar, you have a solid view of the action throughout the DOX.

Along with a remix of Frank Sinatra's classic "New York, New York" - unofficially the DOX's new anthem - the new sound of the restaurant areas can be described as international and modern, with slight influences of classic jazz. Here, women are not only at the mixing desk; the newly designed bar and restaurant concept is explicitly aimed at a female audience that wants to drink cool champagne in a classy and stylish interior after work or on the weekend: large, light-flooded windows and upholstered benches dominate the premises, and together with dimmable lights, a warm, informal atmosphere is created in the DOX. For those who prefer something more intimate, the DOX's cuisine is enjoyed in the Private Dining Room.

"DOX combines a touch of soul and plenty of champagne in an elegant atmosphere where people enjoy, drink and dance. We've created a timeless experience that blends American and French culinary classics and brings guests together in a jazzy setting. With many Art Deco elements, we are more elegant, subtle, yet casually de luxe," says Nina Luig, assistant hotel director at Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf.

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