Exhibition on DFD: Art from Fast Fashion

Waste is what has become useless! In the case of clothing, that which not only no longer ends up in the wardrobe, but in a bag or in the garbage can.  The artist and illustrator Andree Volkmann found such fabrics peeking out of torn bags on the island of Madagascar during his trip. Current seasonal goods from major brands are offered, bought and worn at the island's markets and combined to create new fashions.

For some years now, Andree Volkmann has developed the traditional needlework technique of embroidery into a new passion and quality. Using needle and thread, he produces patterns and designs on these found fabrics from Madagascar while traveling, in waiting rooms and any transit zones, transforming this modern waste into unique works of slowest fashion in his own way.

This artistic reuse of clothing is also a sustainable practice that aims to extend the life of garments and reduce waste.

However, these unique pieces are no longer solely industrial, but are refined by a craftsmanship that gives meaning back to the fabrics and things. Or to quote a well-known quote from Franz Kafka, whose likeness is repeatedly woven into this collection: "The sweater shows no strength of will, but the wool itself is its strength."

Andree Volkmann is a versatile German artist who works primarily as a draughtsman, illustrator and embroidery artist. He lives and works in Berlin.

About the artist: Volkmann has a broad creative range that includes illustrations for newspapers and magazines, scenography, animations and fashion design. He is particularly well known for his wall installations in museums, including the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Grashaus Aachen and the German Historical Museum.

Volkmann has also worked in the field of stage design, notably in collaboration with the Wintergarten in Berlin, the operas in Wuppertal, Kiel and Graz. His work has been shown in various exhibitions, including a major solo exhibition at the Kunsthalle Rostock in 2017.

He is also a lecturer at the Frankfurt Academy for Communication and Design, where he passes on his expertise to the next generation of artists and designers.

Exhibition at the PR+press agency textschwester at DFD - like every summer, an art pop up!


Madakafka - or Slowest fashion on the mainland

Andree Volkmann @Agency textschwester/Düsseldorf

public vernissage: 6 pm, 24.7. until 31.7.2024

Open weekdays 9 am to 6 pm

Prinz Georg Strasse 7, Düsseldorf

Künstler Andree Volkmann (c) Matthias Hamann

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