Kö-Bogen becomes even more digital: The Website koebogen.info offers after the relaunch even more service for visitors.

The online presence of the Kö-Bogen architectural complex underwent a complete relaunch. In addition to the modern, high-quality design, the redesign of the website also focused on user-friendliness. The new website is aimed at consumers, Kö-Bogen users and those interested in architecture.

"During the planning phase, it was important to us that the website represents our building in a visually appealing way and is structured in such a way that users want to visit the site regularly, as this is where they can get the information they are looking for. News are appearing continuously and updated daily on the website," says Andreas Stolz, Head of Asset Management NRW at Art-Invest Real Estate.

"When designing the web design, we took our cue from high-quality fashion magazines. We wanted the website to look modern and stylish and inspire the visitor with large-scale images," explains Nicola Knüwer, Managing Partner at Niehaus Knüwer and friends GmbH. The Düsseldorf advertising agency is responsible for the entire concept as well as the implementation of the relaunch.

In addition to dates and information on current events, such as dance events, free architectural tours and the popular Sundowner, another highlight of the new website is the trend blog. Here you can find articles on current fashion trends, architectural insights or culinary specialities as well as all the information on the sustainability and the art and culture promoting projects of the Kö-Bogen. In addition, the content of the social media channels is integrated into the website; with a click, visitors can easily access the Instagram profile of the Kö-Bogen.


Kö-Bogen | Fotocredit: Andreas Endermann

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