PHOTO POPUP FAIR No 7 starts with an innovative hygiene & health concept

The established Photo Art Fair presents on 2000 square meters more than 40 artists of national and international format, a new area, the 'BlackRoom', workshops, as well as live shootings, under corona conditions with all necessary security aspects.

"Hygiene and health measures were the most important planning element for us. This is where our very special hygiene extra comes into play. UVC lamps are set up and installed in the entire location. These clean all surfaces and the room air before the event to 98% from all viruses and bacteria. During the event, UVC lamps with reflectors against the ceiling are used so that visitors and exhibitors are not exposed to any radiation and yet the aerosols rising upwards are reliably cleaned of viruses and bacteria. In addition, highperformance industrial air filters with integrated UVC light are installed, which allow a permanent cleaning of the room air. Furthermore, we will monitor the results with serial measurements", says Wolfgang Sohn, Founder and Creative Director of PPUF.

Once again PHOTO POPUP FAIR will present many young and established stars from the national and international photo art world. Jens Koch and Robert Schlesinger were counted last year by Stern magazine among the 10 best photographers in Germany. Flóra Borsi from Budapest is a worldwide celebrated young artist. Simone Mack, the daughter of Zero artist Heinz Mack will be there, as well as star photographer Frank Dursthoff from Düsseldorf and Fabio Borquez from Argentina. The special exhibition also shows Stefan Rappo (he was Peter Lindbergh's first assistant for 13 years) from Paris and the CANON Ambassador Sascha Hüttenhain. Sarp Kerem Yavuz from NY with his life-size neon works is also part of the exhibition.

Wolfgang Sohn adds; "To make art now experiencable in these times and to give people a piece of normality and the possibility of distraction while taking all important hygienic measures into consideration and at the same time to present and promote the presence of art and culture is also a very important factor of these times"!

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