Re-Opening on Ackerstaße: Streetwear brand Live Fast Die Young gives its home base a rebrush

On June 24, 2023, the streetwear label Live Fast Die Young, or LFDY for short, reopened the doors to its first store in the Flingern district of Düsseldorf after weeks of renovation work. Since 2014, the store at Ackerstraße 156 has been an integral part of Düsseldorf's streetwear scene.

Everything, both the white-tiled entrance and checkout area with stainless steel accents and the black-washed main space of the store, which showcases the full collection, remains unchanged. All the more attention now falls on the new merchandise supports, which showcase the collection with their matte black finish along the walkways. In cooperation with the architectural team of Schwitzke & Partner, LFDY faced the task of maintaining the atmosphere of the first store while implementing the line and sleekness of the recently opened stores through the new elements.

10 years of dynamic and exponential growth: LFDY has established itself as one of the strongest and most authentic German DTC streetwear brands - and has always remained true to itself as an independent company. In addition to the go-ahead for the new opening of the next store, which will open in August 2023 in London, Soho, Live Fast continuously invests in its own e-commerce activities, in the expansion of logistics operated in-house as well as in POS experience and personnel. Lorenz Amend's (CEO) brand now employs around 150 people. The two-dimensional street art prints have remained, and the company is still headquartered in Düsseldorf.

The brand is represented in a total of five German cities: Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. In addition, there is an international location in Amsterdam - the next milestone will follow in the summer of 2023: London.

LFDY Store Düsseldorf © Konstantin Lider

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