ZOEVA launches international brand awareness campaign for key markets in Europe

ZOEVA launches its international awareness campaign with the new campaign "WE ARE ZOEVA". The focus is on none other than founder and CEO Zoe Boikou herself, as well as her sister Barbara Boikou, who make an unusually emotional appearance for the brand. They let their community share in their personal relationship as sisters, visibly having fun together in front of the camera, falling laughing into each other's arms, and lending a hand with each other's makeup. In various short clips, they show the emotional core of the brand, which is based on mutual support, love and passion for the product. The campaign is being launched in Germany, the most important market, followed by England, France and Italy. It consists of image material, video snippets and product news. The brand awareness campaign is accompanied by extensive promotions for the large and fast-growing beauty community.

Love is the focus

German-founded beauty brand ZOEVA celebrates its three most important core messages in its new brand awareness campaign: affordable luxury, individual beauty and sisterhood. The three strategic focus themes #sisterhood, #affordableluxury and #individualbeauty define the brand image and are the personal concern of the founder. "For us, makeup is an important expression of individuality, strength and, above all, self-love," says founder Zoe Boikou. "Cosmetics must therefore also be affordable for everyone to be able to develop individually. To bring out and show one's individuality is what makes us all extraordinary and beautiful. That's what our large, diverse, European Sisterhood community stands for and that's what we want to celebrate," says CEO Zoe Boikou. "Love is at the heart of everything we do."

The goal of the new brand awareness campaign is to effectively increase the brand's reach and strengthen the community in European markets. In order to build up as large a Sisterhood community as possible, the materials created will be used on various channels. Customers are made aware of the campaign in the webshop, on social media channels and through the newsletter.

The fact that the company, founded in 2008, is still owner-managed makes Zoe Boikou happy. Together with her sister Barbara, she is the main protagonist of the campaign. Through the hard times in their shared childhood, the two sisters learned about teamwork and the true meaning of the term Sisterhood. This experience, the lifelong deep bond, is clearly noticeable in the new campaign and is emotionally passed on to the ZOEVA community through authentic images and videos.

Image from the ZOEVA Brand Awareness Campaign with Zoe Boikou (left) and her sister Barbara Boikou (right)

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