Your personal handcrafted retro-style Bike

Environmentally friendly and a real eye-catcher at the same time. Bikes of Brave Classics win you over with their stylish design and always trendy colour nuances. In addition to bikes named after French, Spanish and Italian capitals, each Trend Bike can be individually designed. Carefully handcrafted and individually customized – Brave Classics bikes are unique. Not only private customers can personalise their bike. Businesses have the option of turning the trendy vehicle into a mobile ad space by personalising the Brave Classics Bike with their individual brand look.

By now Brave Classics achieved ground-breaking success beyond national borders with their concept of the stylish bike. Brave Classics Bikes are already part of cityscapes in Japan, Austria and Belgium. “Riding a bike will become the most important part of our urban mobility in the future”, the entrepreneur adds. Especially children of the millennium already grew up with a completely renewed sense for environmental awareness and fashion consciousness and are now forming, as generation “we”, a new green lifestyle with a natural affinity towards modern looks.

Our Services

  1. Presse Kit & Text Production
  2. Specialist Media PR
  3. Acquisition of Networking Partners
  4. PR Consultancy
  5. Clippings

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