Content is the Buzz Word

As a PR + Press Agency, we have vast amounts of experience when it comes to content. From the building blocks of appliance and utilization, we have consistently created fashionable and valuable stories for our brands. We know exactly what a story is, whether there is a media response or not. And what has to happen, so that there is. As architects of a concept, we use a world-famous resource: Ideas. As the basis for beautiful, intelligent, glamorous or factual content.

In addition to being ghostwriters or ghostbloggers, we also work as journalists for a variety of lifestyle magazines and blogs (Daimler Blog) and are the editors of the Axel Springer Lifestyle Supplement NRW Select that appears in North-Rhine Westphalia in a circulation of 150,000 copies twice a year in four editions. We inform the public in "News" or at Instagram @textschwester_pr about the news revolving around lifestyle, including dates and activities.






"The photograph is the most perfect image; it does not change, it is absolute, that is, independent, unconditional, without style. It is therefore a model for me in the way it reports and what it reports."


Gerhard Richter, Notes 1964-1965


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