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Audi Sports Day: Whether it’s David Kirsch from New York, Barbara Becker from Miami or Hollywood coach Jeanette Jenkins from Los Angeles. We support the public relations for this unique event in Germany, together with the Audi Region West and the renowned event agency Schlieter & friends. Together, we take care of publicity support in all phases of reporting. Event PR for Audi Sports Day in Düsseldorf. Within the framework of the “Audi Sports Day”, Audi Region West brings “The Hollywood Trainer” Jeanette Jenkins to Germany in 2013. Together with co-trainer Buket Akkus, Jeanete Jenkins leads selected participants through a special workout with personal feedback and reveals which training methods she uses to make the stars in Hollywood break out in a sweat.

Audi Sportsday 2008
Audi Sportsday 2008
Audi Sportsday 2008
jeanette Jenkins

Our Services

  • Production of Press texts
  • Raffle Promotion via facebook and social media channels
  • Press Invitation Management
  • On site Press Support
  • Coordination of Interviews
  • Launches in national Media (Consumer magazines Beauty and Sports)
  • Approach of VIPs
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation

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