Thomas Rath made in Germany

Thomas Rath Semi Couture implies paying homage to the glamour of timeless elegance: classics with elements of modern style – sophisticated noblesse and lots of love for details. In doing so, he creates collages of the grand extravagant themes of upper-class fashion with a generous helping of emotion, living for classics with a twist and loving the special finesse of his trade, the art of designing cuts and best quality materials. As a responsible entrepreneur, he relies on stability and expansion of business areas realized through extensive licensing and consistently high demands on design.

Brand development in the luxury segment

The textschwester Fashion Unit is responsible for the strategic lifestyle PR of the brand Thomas Rath, collection and brand communication as well as expanding social media PR. The focus here lies on positioning Thomas Rath as a fashion entrepreneur combined with intensified personality PR in the communication segment of the business media. “The brand Thomas Rath is the most exciting thing developing from German business and brand expansions in the luxury segment. We are part of this - and together, we strengthen the fashion location of the state capital Düsseldorf,” says Alex Iwan.

Our Services

  • Complete PR communication strategy for Germany
  • Classic press and publicity work
  • Text production: Media information and targeted approach of fashion editorial teams
  • Well-targeted launches in consumer and specialist magazines
  • Coordination of shoots, interviews, etc.
  • Press support on trade-fair days on site
  • Brand communication and brand consulting
Thomas Rath

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